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The Wedding Invitations you select should be a signature of you and your loved one sharing your lives together.

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Many of these alluring selections are intricately embossed, blending that touch of sophistication with richness, beauty and elegance.


Your order includes the blank inner and outer envelopes and tissues.

I invite you to view our extensive line of Wedding Invitations and Announcements on the market today. If your preference is formal, traditional, tropical, or casual Wedding Ceremony Invitations, we try to provide you with the most up to date Wedding Products and proper wording available. From creating your own very personal Invitation to selecting the many choices of paper styles, verses, type styles, and ink colors you can make it your one of a kind wedding invitation. What a beautiful keepsake to share with your loved ones.

One of the first steps in planning your Wedding are the Invitations for your Ceremony. The Invitations you choose will set the mood and theme of your Marriage Celebration, so make it one they will remember! Just a tip: All Wedding and Reception Invitations should be mailed approximately six weeks before the wedding ceremony. However, sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances that will not allow for this time frame. Let our speedy service help take some of the stress out of running against the clock.

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During the planning stage of the wedding, bridesmaids are designated among the closest friends of the bride, and sometimes including female member of the family, co-workers, or relatives. It is up to the bride to decide if her bridesmaids will be dressed in a similar style and fashion among them, wear a distinctive accessory, or if all their gowns will contrast or complement her own wedding dress. Today, bridesmaids are invited to participate in the joy of the wedding day, but in ancient Roman times, bridesmaids were beguilers that attended the ceremony to confuse evil spirits trying to ruin the bride's happiness.


Fun facts about the bridal market
Here are some interesting statistics we found about today's bridal market:

  • The U.S. wedding industry generates over $60 billion a year in wedding-related expenses, excluding honeymoons.
    Another $19 billion is spent at wedding gift registries.

  •  Every year, 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S. The average cost of a wedding is now $22,000.

  • Over 80 percent of all brides and grooms use the Internet to help plan weddings.

  • The value of the total bridal market was estimated at $230 million in 2001 and will top $70 billion by 2006.

We have more than just Wedding Invitations. Browse our Online Shopping Catalog for Birth Announcements, Graduations, Anniversary products, Reception Invitations, Greeting Cards, and so much more. Take a leisurely look at our wide selection of Wedding Products. The Invitation you select should be a signature of you and your loved one sharing your lives together.

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